The Nepal Airlines at Narita Airport, Japan

TOKYO The first flight of Nepal Airlines Corporation will arrive in Narita, Japan on Monday. The corporation's Widebody aircraft, which comes to Japan, has 4 seats in the business, with 5 business and 100 economy. According to an International Flight Officer at Tribhuvan Airport, six government officials, including some MPs, will arrive on Monday. Due to the risk of infection with the Corona virus, the government's travel advisory issued by the Japanese government has caused the corporation to have no formal programs and activities on its first flight. The Corporation has informed that it will start direct flights to Narita three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, through the corporation's Airbus Wide Body Ship. The corporation is scheduled to depart from Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu at 9:30 pm local time and depart Narita at 6am local time and depart Kathmandu at 5 pm the same day. *

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