Japan Approves First Abortion Pill

The pharmaceutical case of Japan's Ministry of Health and the Food Safety Commission has granted approval to the abortion pill facility. On Friday, the Commission approved the mill developed by British pharmaceutical company Line Pharma International Limited. There is hope that the drug, named Mifegopek, will soon receive official authorization for use.

This will be the first approved abortion pill facility in Japan. In January, a committee under the subcommittee had already approved the drug. However, the Ministry had decided to conduct further discussions with the public regarding the facility. The subcommittee had originally planned to discuss the drug in March.

However, after receiving feedback from around 12,000 people, more time was required for analysis. The decision was then made to grant approval for the facility with a two-thirds majority vote. The abortion pill facility is now available in at least 65 countries worldwide, with France being the first country to grant authorization in 1988.

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